More than Monthly Accounting

Accountability Services is the only firm to offer our Concierge Services MasterPlan™ for small business owners who want a personal relationship and to maximize their post-tax net wealth.

Accountability Services is where Accounting and Tax meet Strategic Planning. This is a proprietary program, which is personalized, responsive, and proactive. Many service providers look at the past; Accountability Services is forward looking.

With our Concierge Services MasterPlan™, we follow a simple process where we;


Identify your needs in a free consult.


Create a customized plan.


Provide on-going support for a simple monthly fee.

For Your Business

Partner with a team that looks to the future

Imagine the impact of working ON your business rather than only IN it … and now with a Team at your side. Our Team applies Advisory and Essential Services to customize and maintain a well-rounded strategy.

We begin our client relationships by learning about your goals and ambitions so we can together identify and implement a unique, long-term strategic path forward. Important decisions – sometimes made daily – can impact the trajectory and health of your organization. We are eager to analyze, educate, optimize your tax efficiency, and be partners of your success!

Once a personalized plan is in place it must be maintained. We handle all of your Essential and necessary compliance work and will continually monitor your accounting activity for opportunities.

  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Individual Tax Preparation
  • Monthly Accounting

We develop your Concierge Services MasterPlan™ to align with your goals so you can make informed financial decisions for your business.

​Business Advising & Planning

As a business owner your goal may be to optimize your business and make meaningful, strategic decisions that drive growth. This requires an honest analysis of your current position, identifying your definition of success, and then optimizing a long term plan to then implement. We take the time to understand your challenges and goals, ultimately resulting in expert advice aimed at maximizing your organization’s value.

Business Best Practices

Expand Your Financial IQ: Don’t Try to Do It Alone. If you miss $100 in business expenses, on the average you will lose about $35 in tax savings. Are you clear on the definition of a business expense per IRS requirements?

  • Know the rules for people you pay – are you liable to pay payroll taxes for your contractors?
  • How do you handle your health insurance and medical expenses?
  • Do you have family members that help you with your business?
  • Is your recordkeeping efficient and audit-proof?

Tax Efficiency Analysis

Tax Preparation is not Tax Planning. A good plan involves anticipating what is yet to come and taking advantage of tools based on your tax situation.

  • Tax savings are after tax dollars – can your post tax net worth be optimized? Are you using the most efficient business structure for your needs?

Other Common Advisory Topics

Cash Flow Planning, Succession Planning, Income Strategies, Fringe Benefits Planning, Start-Up Planning

For You

Extend your business planning to your personal finances

​​Financial planning and tax preparation are important functions in your financial health. Let our experts help you take the guesswork out of these critical tasks.


Identify your needs in a free consult.


Create a customized plan.


Provide on-going support for a simple monthly fee.

Tax Planning, Strategy, Preparation

It’s not what you earn that matters, it’s what you keep.

For many individuals, personal income taxes may be their largest annual cost. We believe that providing value flies above traditional compliance (preparing and filing your tax return). True value rests in ongoing, proactive, solid strategies and solutions that help you meet your personal financial objectives while reducing your overall tax liability over time. In short, effective tax management is the cornerstone of wealth management.

In order to provide tailored guidance, we employ many multidisciplinary professionals that are well-versed in retirement planning, succession planning, and personal financial statements.

Let us evaluate your tax situation, provide strategic guidance, and serve your planning needs with integrated solutions that help you keep your finances in check.

Our deluxe tax clients receive year-round concierge advanced planning services under a separate engagement. We also offer annual standard tax preparation.

Personal Financial Success Planning

Everything you need to reach your goals faster.

Often, we hear that financial planning is overwhelming and some people don’t like working with advisors who sell products. Our goal is to make your planning simpler and easier without the sales pressure. We work with you to create a strategic plan for your personal finances and actively support you to make your goals a reality. We meet regularly to ensure you’re on track. Throughout the process, we develop a Balance Sheet and work with you on a Budget so you can gain power from knowing the exact picture of your current financial health. Over time, we know all the critical areas of your financial life to ensure you’re covered and provide guidance if anything is missing.

For our clients who already have a financial advisor, we work with them, so you have seamless integration with your taxes.